Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: Overcoming your Financial Crisis

Customers’ Testimonials

Everyone has a bad financial day and sometimes, we require outside help to get over the financial crisis. Freedom Debt Relief offers financial relief to its clients. The company has a high-performance rate if we go by the customer testimonials. Freedom Debt Relief reviews are positive, and a lot of people seem happy to work with this company.

One customer who is an independent contractor tells of his financial struggle and getting into debts. However, he decided to contact Freedom Debt Relief. The customer care agent whom he talked to was polite, understanding and happy to help him. Within 30 seconds, the customer was already feeling better. The company laid out a program for him and slowly, he managed to dig himself out of the financial crisis.

Another customer gives a testimony of how the company saved her marriage after her husband was laid off from work. The couple later found themselves in debt. However, Freedom Debt Relief was able to help them out of the situation.

Freedom Debt Relief Overview

Andrew Housser Bradford Stroh are the founders of Freedom Debt Relief, which they founded in 2002. The company’s main purpose is to help their clients settle debts in 24 to 48 months. The company has helped more than 40,000 customers. It has 900 employees who work very closely with the customers.

For a customer to work with this company, you have to be $7,000 in debt. The company negotiates with creditors on your behalf to reduce the debt you owe. The company has helped solved $4 billion worth of debts. Freedom Debt Relief prides itself as one of the best debt settlement company in the market. They also have professional employees who are not only friendly but excellent in their work. Anyone can get through a financial crisis. All you need is professional help.

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