FreedomPop Rescued Me From High Wireless Service Bills

I had my cell phone bill set for auto pay when I was with my previous cell phone company, so I would simply check my bank account every month to see what they charged me on my bill. I was so used to having my payment automatically taken out that I didn’t check it for three months and didn’t realize that I was getting an additional $50 or more charged to my account for three months straight. When I inquired with the company why my bill had gone up, they told me that they had changed

this information out, it was the last month that I stayed with that company. I did a FreedomPop the data allotment for the plan I had chosen.


Since my family and I had gone over the new data limit, I was starting to pay extra each month, and when I found a review and chose them for my wireless services because I not only wanted a reliable cell phone service provider but also one that wasn’t going to charge me a fortune behind my back. Their company has upfront pricing that doesn’t change, and I also like that their prices are lower than any other service provider.


I get great call service, which means I can make calls without them dropping, and I get clear calls as well. I only pay $20 each month for the unlimited cell phone service that I have, and my kids have the same service as well, so we’re only paying a total of $60 each month to FreedomPop. I’m looking back and realizing that I was spending almost $200 every month with my previous cell phone company, and I could just kick myself for being so ignorant about how low-priced FreedomPop’s services are, and I found a great phone from their website for a low price, so I purchased it.


I also chose to purchase different phones for my kids on their website too, and we all now have iPhones that we absolutely love. Using FreedomPop’s services has been very good for my bank account because I no longer have to pay the extremely high fees or hidden fees that my previous company was charging me. I’ve also ordered home Internet service from FreedomPop, which comes with 1 GB of free data and allows us to have Wi-Fi service at home. I couldn’t ask for anything better than what FreedomPop is giving me.


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Securus Technology Upgrade to THREADS 3.1 to improve Peoples’ Security

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a company that provides technology that guarantees public safety to both the civil and criminal justice. Their technology is also used for investigation, monitoring and also in correction facilities all over the united states. The company also does offer public services solutions including, incident management, verification, investigation, information management, inmate self-service, communication, and monitoring of products and services.

All the services that Securus offer are crucial to cities and law enforcers as they assist them in the collection, consolidation, storage, visualizing and distributing information all in real time. Securus provides for the need of immediate access to information that is critical to emergency dispatch, public safety and to law enforcers.

In a report by PR Newswire, Securus released THREADS 3.1 the most advanced and fully integrated big data analytical tool in all of the United States corrections market. The new released product will upgrade user interface and all Securus customers will have the latest web-based technology. The new product still has the same powerful analysis which all Securus customers have always experienced with other products.

The new redesigned THREAD according to Linked In IT experts will be easy to use with enhanced user performance. Securus has also removed the redundant system action and improved the navigation, the search function and the record loading. All the new changes according to Kelly Solid the General Manager at Securus is that it has improved the performance and user experience.

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THREAD 3.1 has changed its software platform too from Silverlight to HTML 5 and this will be crucial as it will allow direct integration of Securus product will also be possible with the new product including Securus Call Platform (SCP).

THREADS 3.1 easy to use interface will give investigators a more dedicated tool to support with their investigation. Solid said that Securus had dedicated enough time to develop the software that will require only minimum training to users an in return users will get a high intelligence to investigators.

The new other features that THREADS 3.1 has added includes the ability to listen SCP calls in the TREADS application, give context sensitive reports, guides in real time, and customized mapping and printing. THREADS has for years given gold standard investigative solution for detecting, identifying and also reporting suspicious issues inmate call patterns, fraternization, associations, communication events and correlations.

THREAD 3.1 now has upgraded Securus Solution to the level of platinum and the existing customers of the company will get the upgrade free.

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Switching Your Phone To Freedom Pop

Switching mobile phone carriers is something many people talk about end up refraining from because of how daunting and exhausting it seems. However the process itself is pretty simple if you know what you’re in fore. Some carriers offer to pay off your contract while others will give you a credit towards your bill and new contract. Before you switch to a new carrier, be sure to call your current carrier and ask about the early termination amount. Beware many carriers will attempt to reel you back in but if you’re looking to save money then cutting ties with big name carriers is your best option.

Many carriers advertise deals to cut your current phone bill in half or offer a certain new phone for very cheap but be aware that these deals change frequently. When switching carriers you need to ensure your current phone works on their network too. If your phone is compatible then the hard part is over because every other process is automated. Its a good idea to back up everything on your phone in case you need to switch sim cards or something happens that erases all your previously stored information.

While many big name companies charge upwards of a hundred dollars for an individual cellphone plan, FreedomPop has a phone plan that is absolutely free. Yes a completely free phone plan does exist and the service is comparable to big name mobile carriers. Freedom Pop publicly launched in October of 2012 and was backed by the founder of Skype. FreedomPop runs its 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi over Sprint’s LTE network so coverage is available across the United States.

What’s great about FreedomPop’s base plan other than the cost is that its a contract free plan. The plan includes 500MB of data, 500 texts, and 200 minutes per month. They also have more low cost plans available such as the $7.99 plan which includes 500 minutes, unlimited texting, and 500mb of data. For unlimited data and texting they charge $10.99 per month which is nearly 90% less than your average cell phone plan. FreedomPop allows you to use your current phone when you switch to their service, or you can choose from their variety of refurbished smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4. FreedomPop is the perfect solution to cut your phone bill down to nearly nothing if not eliminate the entire thing.