3 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Negative Search Results

If we lived in a perfect world you would never have to worry about anyone posting anything negative about you or your business online. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. And with one click of a button anyone can say anything they want to with little to no consequences.

While we would all love to completely eliminate all the negative articles and outdated information floating around the world wide web, the reality is we cannot. Once something is posted online, it is pretty much their forever. Even if it gets deleted, there will always be a copy of it somewhere.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Search Results

The only way to get rid of negative search results it to replace them with positive search results. Instead of trying to delete all the negative information, your goal should be to create as much positive content about you and your business as you possible can. This way you will be able to control what potential customers see.

Here are 3 ways you can get rid of negative search results:

#1 – Set Up and Manage Profiles On The Top Social Media Sites

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn consistently appear on the first page of Google. Setting up profiles on each of these sites is a great way to start burying some of the negative results currently showing up. Once you set up the profiles, make sure you only post things you won’t regret.

You can also set up profiles on About.me, Reddit, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and Blogger.

#2 – Comment Publicly

Commenting on articles using your real name is a great way to dominate the search engines. The key is to post intelligently. Make sure you spell check everything and make sure the comments you leave are helpful and well reasoned.

#3 – Reclaim Negative Keywords

Sometimes a search for your name will bring back positive results. However, if you add in a particular keyword you may notice those results quickly turn negative. For example, let’s say a search for “Jimmy John” comes back positive, but when you search for “Jimmy John Stock Market”, the results are negative, that’s a sign you need to reclaim negative keywords.

Start including “Jimmy John Stock Market” in your content creation to help change how its showing up.

As stated before, completely eliminating negative content is virtually impossible. Your best option is to hire a professional company who specializes in rebuilding online reputations.

Bury Bad Articles in one such company. They will help you get rid of the negative press so you can focus on growing your business or brand.

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