End Citizens United Aim To Remove Dark Money From Elections

We all understand the fact that recent elections have been fought in the U.S. with the aid of Super PAC’s and support groups who have the chance to obtain large amounts of funding from some of the richest people in the U.S. The problem we have seen growing across the country is the flood of so-called “dark money” that is unregulated and often pours into various groups with little thought of where it may be coming from; End Citizens United are a group dedicated to ending the practice of major financial donors having an undue influence on U.S. elections from local level all the way through to Presidential election cycles.


End Citizens United have been seeking various different routes to making an impact on the Citizens United decision that passed through the Supreme Court in 2010 to become law and allow the richest individuals, corporations, and organizations to have an unobstructed level of influence on elections taking place in the U.S. Reversing the decision of Citizens United is not a simple act to undertake and End Citizens United understand the process must be taken over a prolonged period of time. The first aim of the End Citizens United group is to raise awareness of the issues that have been caused by the 2010 decision that changed the nature of U.S. elections for the life of the Supreme Court decision.


In a bid to begin the process of reversing the decision, End Citizens United have started a petition that calls for the end of the Citizens United options for finding during political campaigns, which had reached over 100,000 signatures after only a few months in 2015. In its first five months of life the End Citizens United group raised over $2 million and hoped that by the end of the 2016 election cycle to have used grassroots funding options to reach between $25 and $30 million, which would allow the group to make a major stand against private political funding in elections across the U.S.


Alongside the need to raise awareness of the problems caused by the Citizens United decision the group understands it needs as much support as possible in Washington and at state level to pass what would need to be a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Major majorities are needed in Washington and across the states to complete the overturning of this controversial Supreme Court decision, which is why the End Citizens United group are hoping to back Democrat’s who share their beliefs in bringing an end to the Citizens United decision over funding; electing political officials open to changing the Citizens United ruling is now the focus of the group and will continue to be so until they have achieved their aim of making U.S. elections as fair as possible.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez Has His Own Idea Of Running Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been involved in his local government for a while now, but he wants to be sure that he can help other people understand how Venezuela has to change. The changes that must be made to the country have to happen at the local level, and Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes that people who are career politicians are not the only ones who should make decisions. He knows what is going on in his local area, and he knows that there are ways to fix it.

There are several choices that Jose Manuel Gonzalez is confronted with every day, and he wants to be sure that he has presented all of them to the people in the assembly. He does not want to be the president of the country, but he does want to cause other people to join their own assemblies. He is sure that there is a lot of unemployment and crime in his home nation, and he thinks that people who care on the local level need to stand in and fight for the nation.

The best thing for the country is for many people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez to do their part to get the help that they need. He wants to have anyone who has a business to come out and try to find businesses that will come to the country to help offer jobs. There could be a lot of commerce coming to the country, but there is a lot to be done by the people in power.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is pushing the people of Venezuela to get more involved, and he is succeeding. He has come to his own assembly to serve so that he can help others, and it is working. The work that he does in government can bring back prosperity to Venezuela.