Talkspace: The Modern Way To Recieve Therapy

Sharing a home with a pet

Over 50 percent of all households share their living space with an animal. Owning a pet has both physical and mental benefits. Our pets can get us to put down our devices, and get us outside to play. Pets can help us reduce our blood pressure and cholesterol. Pets can teach us how to care for others. Our pets are there to listen without judgment.

Saying goodbye

The lifespans of our beloved pets, however, are relevantly short. The reaction to losing a pet can sometimes be stronger than when we lose a family member. This is because our love for our pet is simple uncomplicated live. The love for a family member may not be that simple. Grief is a normal reaction to this situation.

Ups and downs

Life is a roller coaster and losing a pet is one of many different downs that people can experience. There are many different things that we can do to lift ourselves back up. The first step is to be kind to ourselves. Give yourself time to grieve or recover from what has gone wrong. Now more than ever it is important to take care of yourself. Consider taking some soothing baths, get a massage, or get your hair done. Also, do not cut yourself off from friends and family or things that you enjoy doing. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help.


Talkspace is not your traditional therapist. You do not need to go into an office. As matter of fact, you do not need to leave your home. Instead, your therapy takes place over an app. You can contact your therapist, whenever you feel the need. Talkspace costs significantly less than a traditional therapist.